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What's TRIBE Canada all about?

TRIBE Canada is focused on helping Black Canadians generate and perpetuate wealth, while elevating character. We are convinced that this can be accomplished through increased financial literacy and entrepreneurialism within Canada’s Black communities.


We believe everybody is an entrepreneur, and our goal is to offer supports that encourage Black Canadians to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, resulting in wealth creation, community resilience and legacy.

How can you help me?

We hope to create an environment where you can be your best self, by connecting you to the people, services and resources that will allow you to grow your wealth and build your character.

TRIBE Canada is believes in collective success and we celebrate the contributions of like-minded groups and individuals.

Through our services, courses, events, and partnerships, we hope to provide you with the tools needed to understand your finances, grow your wealth, impact through entrepreneurship, and elevate your life. 

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

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We’ll send you information on ways to improve and grow your finances, grants and funding opportunities, new courses, helpful resources and services, interviews and articles, upcoming events, and much more!

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